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Natalia Moon is an Australian Actress Singer-songwriter and DJ. She rose to Fame for her role in the Filipino sitcom, 'Ismol Family' on GMA Network,(2013–2015) in which She was nominated for 'Outstanding Breakthrough Actress’. 

She Also Stared in the International TV Drama Musical 'TKM The Boston', Lead role as 'Julia' which aired internationally on TFC and Myx TV (2015–2016).

'Moon' has appeared in many Television shows during her career as both host and actress such as North Bound Travel show, Shop TV and many more Guestings. 

She is also known for Commercial and Print modeling for many products such as Mental, Giordano, Gold toe socks, Bench, Hansel Crackers, Jinga Juice, Shell, Bys Cosmetics and Been a cover girl for Sm ShopMag , Philippines Magazine, Superstar Magazine, Uno Magazine and many more. 

Natalia is an international DJ and travels both domestically and internationally to spin her tracks. She has toured Asia 3 times and other places including China, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Laos, Bahrain India and now Usa.  Natalia Holds the DJ World Champion title, ‘Queen of the Mashups’ 2018.  She plays Reggeaton, Edm, house, mashups and hip hop. Natalia is not only a DJ, she also includes live singing into her Set and She Produces her own tracks.


Ismol Family

Natalia Moon starred in the Filipino sitcom Ismol Family playing the comedic character 'Natalia' a catty maid and extended cousin of the 'Ismol residence ' on GMA Network. Her character shared a love team with Mikael Daez 'Bernie' the fans called them 'Bernalia'. 'Moon' was a part of the show for 2 years 2013–15 in which she was nominated for the Golden Screen TV Awards in 2015.

Tkm The Boston (TV show)

Moon played the lead role 'Julia' in Tkm The Boston also known as 'Kitchen musical 2', sharing the love triangle with 'Gretchen' (Jennifer Blair Bianco) and 'Noah' (Michael Koltes)

Tkm The Boston is a drama musical TV show based around 3 high school friends incorporating drama, music and food. It aired on Myx TV and TFC internationally.

North Bound Travel Show (TV show)

Natalia Moon hosted 'North Bound' a travel show based in North Philippines. She traveled the whole of North Luzon featuring the best restaurants, hotels and fun adventures. This aired on ANC News TV in the Philippines and abroad in 2015.'

Shop TV

Moon hosted various products for 'The Shop TV Network' including 'Sonic Toothbrush and 'Zinuo luggage'. Her co host was Youtuber 'Wil Dasovich'. This is airing 2015–16.


Singing career

Moon got noticed from a cover song called 'Pusong Bato' in which landed her a guesting on GMA News TV. This was the beginning of her singing career and the beginning of her career in Philippines show biz. She started learning more of the Filipino language and landed a role on GMA Network 'Ismol Family'.


DJ/Producing career

Moon became a DJ after attending Bounce music school in BGC the start of 2015, learning mixing songs and also music production in Abelton. She DJ's for fiestas and festivals local and abroad, mixing Hip hophouseEDM and also corporate shows. Moon is a unique DJ as she sings live hip hop and Edm songs during the set.


Awards and achievements

  • Nominated for New Female Recording Artist of the year 9TH PMPC AWARDS Philippines 2018

  • Nomination for Outstanding Breakthrough Actress 'Ismol FamilyGolden Screen TV Awards 2015.

  • Uno Magazine Cover/ Superstar Magazine cover/ BYS cosmetics.

  • Hansel Crackers Commercial (lead)

  • Nomination for Best Actress 'Ismol FamilyGolden Screen TV Awards.

  • DJ For Love me tomorrow press red carpet.

  • Tanduay Calendar Girl





EYES: Green

HAIR: Brown

BODY: Petite Curvy

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